Using HR Software In Your Small Business

JohnTaylor March 8, 2012 0

If you’re running a business with employees, chances are that you can benefit from human resources software that can make it easier for you to keep up with employee schedules, payroll, performance and other data.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, you need to be able to focus your attention on the big picture, and not get bogged down in minute details. Human resources software allows you this freedom, dramatically reducing the amount of time you must spend on keeping track of employee information.

Here are some of the functions human resource software can help you manage:

Time and attendance: You can replace the traditional timeclock and time sheets with human resource software that has your employees log in and log out when they come to work. This software can help you easily keep track of whether employees are coming in on time and the hours they are working. The data from these software applications can also be transferred to payroll programs, making processing your employees’ paychecks a lot easier.

Scheduling: A simple Excel spreadsheet can help you schedule your employees’ time, but more elaborate programs are also out there that can help you review past schedules to get a good estimate on the labor needed on a given week and help better ensure that you’re giving hours to your employees fairly over time.

Performance review: Larger small businesses may want to adopt an employee evaluation software application that can guide managers and employees through their yearly performance evaluation.

Task tracking: HR applications can help you track employees’ progress on assigned jobs, helping you get a better feel for the resources needed to accomplish tasks and the abilities and effectiveness of your employees.

Training: Some HR applications allow employees to log in and undergo training modules. This can reduce the time you or your managers must spend training employees in some of the more basic aspects of their jobs. While hands-on training will likely be necessary for more complicated job functions, simple tasks or routines can be effectively learned in this manner.

According to a recent small business guide published by CNN, the following software applications are recommended for small businesses:

SimpleHR – An inexpensive and effective HR program, SimpleHR allows businesses to manage salary, performance, vacation time, safety incidents and other information. SimpleHR comes in a variety of product packs and is gradually more expensive based on the number of employees being managed with the program.

OrangeHRM – This is a free, open-source application that’s great for businesses with only a handful of employees. Larger businesses can upgrade to a professional support package, and, for a fee, a Web-based version of the program is available, allowing business owners to manage HR from the comfort of their homes or on the road.

EmpXTrack Starter Edition – This program lets employers keep track of payroll and other employee information and allows employees to log in and record their time. Upgraded editions provide more options, such as performance reviews.

People-Trak HR – This program offers a wide variety of options for small businesses and costs $20 per employee.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP – This HR program allows small business owners a wide variety of HR management options. For many smaller businesses, the program is inappropriate as it offers too many options, but for mid-size to large small businesses, the program offers a comprehensive series of applications likely to cover all possible HR needs.

When choosing HR software, it’s important to pick a program that’s affordable, reliable and user friendly. If you know other small business owners, you may want to ask their advice before purchasing a HR software application. Also insist on demoing a program before making a purchase.

After selecting an HR program, the important thing is to make sure you implement it properly at your business. Adequately train yourself and your managers and employees on how to properly use it, and insist on the software being used. If the software is not used, or not used properly, you won’t be getting the most out of your investment.

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