Smalll Business Creativity

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When you start your small business you are going to want it to stand apart from everyone else’s. One of the most enjoyable parts about opening your own small business is the freedom you have when it comes to choosing the look of your company.Many people enjoy coming up with a name for their business. The name is the first thing that people are going to remember about your company.

You will want it to catch people’s attention as well as be able to stay in their mind. There are many different ways that you can go about doing this. You need to investigate all of the ways before you make up your mind.

Another thing that people like to have with their business is a logo. This is sometimes even more important than a business name because people will be able to remember a company if they only see the picture. A picture is also able to denote to people more emotions and meanings than a simple word. A tree for example could represent stability and growth. One of the most popular images for a company comes from fast food. The golden arches of McDonald’s are known throughout the world even though people may not be able to say the name McDonald’s everywhere.

When creating a logo, make sure to look at it from all of the possible positive and negative connotations. You do not want to invest money into your company’s image only to find out that what you chose invokes very negative reactions from some people even though you may love it. When at all possible try to come up with an abstract drawing as your logo. It is harder for people to find fault with that.

The color combination in your business, especially if it is open to the public, is important as well. There are many books and articles written about choosing the proper color to reflect how you want people to think about you.

If your business has to do with the creative arts, you may want to color it light purple. This is said to inspire people. If you are opening a gym, the color orange may be better to engage energy into people. Using the example of McDonald’s again, they use the color of red and yellow which translate into fast (red) and hunger (yellow). This may sound hard to believe but enough research has been done into this subject to show that it is actually possible to get emotional responses from colors.

Another trick that you may want to do to be creative is to name everything in your store your own name. This works best if your small business is food or goods related. You can then market your own unique item which people will be able to remember. If you are the only place selling a particular thing, even if the only thing that sets it apart is the name you gave it, then people are more likely to come into your place so that they can order what you have created.

Uniforms are also useful in a small business. They will help to tell your employees apart from other people who may be inside of the shop. Your employees should all dress alike so that they can be spotted easily by customers who may need help in finding what they want. It is also helpful to put your own logo on these clothes. This will add professionalism and also avoid any embarrassing conflict between someone who happened to be in your place wearing the same clothes and someone who actually works there.

Once you have figured these out you can decide on a general theme of your business. Yes, businesses do have themes but they are usually not as obvious as they are at other themed events. Although there is the occasional western style store which goes all out in the western theme. If you want to promote your store as having the lowest prices, you will be able to design some creative way to catch your customer’s attention. Many times, stores that sell goods to the public will put tags which stick out from the shelves so that the customer is able to see these prices from a distance. They will also use creative means such as a mascot to draw the viewer’s attention. Once they have you believing that this mascot will direct you to the lowest prices possible, then they know that your eyes will constantly be on the look for this mascot.

If you choose to create a mascot, you will want to choose someone or something that people will be able to easily identify. If you have almost the same mascot as your competitor or as someone else, it will be hard to immediately know the difference when looking at it. If possible, use a different color than you already use in your theme. It will pop against the background and draw their attention.

There are many creative ways you can go about to draw a customer’s attention to your store. It is important to work on the creative angle you create so that you find a way to separate yourself from all of the other people who are competing with you for that customer’s business.

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